14-19 Jun 2015 Barcelonnette (France)

Joint Inversions in Geophysics

The Joint Inversions in Geophysics summer-school is a 5-day residential workshop whose main objective is to train early career geophysics researchers in the approaches and techniques of joint inversions.

Our aim is to facilitate future application of these techniques to diverse scientific problems including (but by no means limited to) subsurface geophysical exploration, detailed understanding of Earth dynamics, fine-scale characterization of earthquakes.

Organisers : Alessia Maggi (IPGS - Strasbourg), Olivier Coutant (IsTerre - Grenoble), Jörg Ebbing (CAU - Kiel), Christel Tiberi (Géosciences Montpellier)

Email for all inquiries : inv-conj-geophy@sciencesconf.org

Joint Inversions in Geophysics is a CNRS Thematic School and a French-German Summer School partly sponsored by the French-German University. See our sponsors page for a full list of all contributing organization.

General outline

The workshop will include :

  • A general (i.e. not application specific) session on inverse theory, that will set out the bases required for extensions to joint inversions.
  • Three specific applications as case studies to illustrate the joint inversion of seismology / geodesy / gravimetry and MT data etc. :
    • earthquake source fault slip ;
    • exploration geophysics ;
    • lithospheric structure.
  • For each case study, there will be presentations on the data involved, their sensitivities and couplings, and different ways to set up and solve the inverse problem.
  • For the inverse theory and one or two of the case studies, there will also be hands-on pratical sessions in which participants can set up and solve small-scale problems on their own laptops.
  • Poster and 2-minute presentation sessions for participants to share their previous or ongoing work, to describe existing datasets that could be used for a future joint inversion project, or to propose geophysical objects that might be investigated using joint inversion methods.

More details on the program can be found on the program page (updated regularly). 

Registration and logistics

Joint Inversions in Geophysics will be held at Séolane (Barcelonnette, France), 14th - 19th June 2015.

You may register directly through this website's registration page. We have a limited number of places, so do not delay your registration if you would like to participate. You may modify the information you give during the registration at a later date should your plans change.

Registration fees (covering all lecture materials, food and lodging throughout the workshop - but not your travel to and from the workshop location) are the following :

  • 250€ for students (Masters or PhD) ;
  • 350€ for non-students (post-docs, researchers, etc.) ; note that CNRS researchers are exempt from registration fees.

You will receive confirmation of your registration and instructions on how to pay the registration fees in two separate emails. Registration is not considered final until the registration fees have been received.

If you wish to bring a poster and/or give a 2-5 minute presentation on a topic relating to joint inversion, please submit an abstract on the submission page.

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